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    Senior FrontEnd Developer (ReactJS)

    Công Ty CP Công Nghệ VNG Corporation

    Senior FrontEnd Developer (ReactJS)

    Công Ty CP Công Nghệ VNG Corporation
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    Participate in designing and building ZaloPay application on Zalo platform.
    Develop new user-facing features using Javascript and ReactJS that meet a large number of users.
    Build reusable components and front-end libraries for future use.
    Build web applications – Follow coding standards, write automated test cases, deployment scripts.
    Assist in improving app architectures – Explore existing systems, determines areas of maintainability scalability extensibility.

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    Must have:
    At least 3 years of experience in Frontend development.
    Proficient in React stack (ReactJS, Redux, State Management, Functional Programming, Immutability).
    Advance understanding of native Javascript ES5 & ES6+.
    Expert knowledge with HTML5, CSS3, SASS/SCSS.
    Expert with developing responsive layouts leveraging CSS and media queries.
    At least 1 year of experience in design and implement robust client-side solutions with RESTful API.
    At least 1 year of experience in rollup, web pack, Babel, CommonJS, …
    At least 1 year of experience in responsive, mobile-first layouts leveraging CSS and media queries.
    Knowledge about real-time with WebSocket.
    Solid knowledge of modern web development technologies & framework based on JavaScript, HTML, CSS.
    Understand about HTTP2, SSE (Server-Sent Events) is a great plus.
    Knowledge of Backend programming languages such as Go/Java is a great plus.
    Familiarity with Linux & macOS development environment.
    Experience with high-traffic distributed systems and client-server architectures.

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    We hope VNG is a place where you build your career. Whether you want to pursue to be a manager or focus on professional development, we acknowledge and appreciate your talents. Therefore, we open up to you more promotion opportunities in VNG, and designed program to help you succeed in every single career path.
    NO SUIT, NO TIE:At VNG, we do not have many rules because we respect you and want to make comfortable atmosphere to help employees perform their jobs well.
    Company “pay” for you:Lunch, parking, swimming, learning English or gym for free and you know you are really in care.
    NO BARRIERS:Office of VNG is an open space because we always try to remove all barriers to help members easily shares with each other.
    Being a big family:Like a gift for family day. A party for the kids. We know how much your family matters.
    NO RANK At VNG,members are encouraged to contribute ideas and debate with the others.
    Be explored:Ph.D., un-academic guy, bookish girl, fashion designers ... VNGers are different and this diversity makes life more colorful.
    NO "OFFICE":Office is like your home. You can hang paintings, plant trees, even feed aquarium on the desk.
    Be showed your best:VNGers like to "mortification" with the group games such as: Fansipan climbing, waterfall rafting, go over heat mats; there activities not only are tightening friendship, but also practice their bravery.
    GAMING:Even if you do not make the game, stealing beans in the boss’s garden or versusing with your colleagues in a sword competition play online is also an interesting way to relax.
    Changing the world:Creating an entertainment channel, building a social network and developing a game. On the Internet world, every single thing you did can change the lives of many people.

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