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Tổ Chức Lao Động Quốc Tế (ILO)

Trợ lý Hành Chính & Tài Chính

Tổ Chức Lao Động Quốc Tế (ILO)
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Take responsibility for good maintenance of office administrative files and records and all daily administrative tasks, including logistical support to the Project personnel, travel arrangements, visas, hotel reservation etc. to ensure that timely administrative support is provided in general and particular areas;
Search and select information and records in specified format or on the basis of general instructions for use by others in preparing reports, correspondence, technical papers, Project plan and general reference documents;
Draft correspondence, faxes, memoranda and reports on administrative matters from oral instructions, previous correspondence or other available information sources in accordance with standard office procedures using computerized systems. Draft non-routine correspondence and responses, and ensure follow-up action.
Arrange appointments for the supervisor, Project consultants and ILO officials, receive visitors, respond to requests for information, maintain office records and reference files on all Project and related activities, send and receive e-mails and fax correspondence;
Provide secretarial and/or administrative/financial support for organizing meetings, workshops and/or training involving the Project’s partners;
Advise, respond, make arrangements and solve problems for the procurement, shipment and receipt of office and Project supplies and equipment;
Perform liaison duties with concerned ministries for required clearance;
Maintain, update and transmit inventory records of non-expendable equipment;
optional section (if needed)
Financial tasks:
Liaise with relevant partners’ focal points on administrative and financial matters; Review partner’s financial reports/invoices to ensure in compliance with ILO’s financial regulation and requirements, with particular attention and necessary guidance/support made to the partners of the Project;
Code and record receipts and payments, verify the accuracy of calculations and the completeness of supporting documents, and maintain a continuing status of allotments against obligations;
Classify and assign budget codes, verify and process claims for payment, and check vouchers, prices and claims invoices;
Check and correct accounting information files (computerized and/or manual) and identify incorrect data. Enter financial data into computer and print financial reports;
Prepare and modify budget data based on requests such as budget proposals, budget revisions, and budget rephrasing; calculate cost estimates and projected budget requirements and assist in the preparation of budget statements of the area of assignment;
Provide guidance to Project partners in Viet Nam on the ILO financial system as well as administrative and financial reporting procedures;
Assist with preparing contracts and processing of Project’s payments;
Maintain Project’s financial transactions and reporting systems in accordance with the ILO financial rules and regulations;
Perform other duties as assigned by the supervisor and the CO Director.

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Education, knowledge and skills:
Completion of secondary education and secretarial or administrative training or other relevant post tertiary training;
Thorough knowledge of modern office procedures, clerical practices and knowledge of administrative practices;
At least 5 years of administrative experience. Experience in working with development projects at the national or international level in the UN system would be an advantage.
Excellent command of English and Vietnamese

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Timely delivery of administrative activities and services by the work unit for the office;
Proven ability to use word processing software, email and software packages required by the work unit;
Good knowledge of accounting principles and practices;
Thorough knowledge of secretarial practices and procedures, and knowledge of administrative practices;
Thorough knowledge of in-house procedures for the preparation of documents and administrative forms, and for the creation and maintenance of filing systems;
Good knowledge of protocol; of the work of the office and the work carried out in the other work units;
Proven ability to draft correspondence and take minutes of meetings;
Knowledge of the accounting and finance procedures and regulations of the office;
Demonstrated ability to apply finance and accounting methods;
Ability to maintain financial records and prepare clerical accounting reports and statements;
Knowledge of modern office procedures and ability to operate all types of office equipment;
Ability to work in a team and good interpersonal skills;
Excellent time management skills.

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