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Quảng Ninh

  Hạn nộp hồ sơ : 16/10/2020

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Mô tả công việc

Halo Smart Language Academy is a new established, modern and progressive learning organization with professional staff and management team. We offer a range of programmes from beginner to advanced levels, from six years old to adults, including English for Children, IELTS, TOEIC, Communication English and Business English and Corporate English Training.

Our focus is on the quality of our teaching and the programmes we offer. Halo Smart Language Academy is dedicated to providing the very highest quality teaching and training programmes for our students and a highly professional and supportive studying environment for our students.

? Teaching staff and support

Halo Smart Language Academy has a dynamic team of qualified and committed teachers from Vietnam and the USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Our teaching programs are managed and supported by highly experienced staff providing full time assistance to teaching staff on all programs of activity. Our teaching staff have access to a wide variety of support services, resource materials, audio visual equipment, satellite T.V. and state of the art IT facilities with full internet access.

? Range of English language programs

English language programs include English for Young Learners, Communication English, Business English, TOEIC and IELTS.

? Working hours

The scheduling of corporate classes starts from 8am through to the evening. Adult public classes (16 years +) are held in the afternoons & evenings whilst the majority of Young Learners classes (6 - 15 years) are conducted at the week-ends. Our centre operates 7 days a week. Teaching staff have one day off per week but should expect to teach during the weekends.

80 teaching hours per month.

? Salary

28 – 44 millions VND per month.

? Professional expectations

Halo Smart Language Academy has a reputation for delivering high quality education and training programs and our students expect their teachers to be highly professional in both their teaching and personal presentation. Vietnamese people have a very great respect for teachers and on Teachers Day in Vietnam our students shower their teachers with flowers and gifts.

? Teacher training

Halo Smart Language Academy's commitment to personal development is reflected through our teacher training seminars and workshops. This development program focuses on aspects of teaching such as methodology, classroom technique and use of internet in the classroom. It is our aim that teachers, on leaving Halo Smart Language Academy, will be in a strong position to advance their careers in ELT in the direction they choose.

At Halo Smart Language Academy we strive to make your teaching rewarding and enjoyable. We want all our teachers to feel that working here contributes to their personal development as a teacher, to their career in teaching and to their enjoyment of living in a country and culture very different from their own.

? Contact us:

Halo Smart - Havina Quang Ninh: 0776 306 789 (Ms.Ngoc Anh)

Email: [Đã ẩn email. Hãy nhấp vào Ứng tuyển để bắt đầu tạo hồ sơ ứng tuyển.]


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