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Project Officer of Regional BioTrade Phase II Project - SECO

Project Officer of Regional BioTrade Phase II Project - SECO

NGÀNH NGHỀ : Quảng cáo / Marketing / PR

Hà Nội

  Hạn nộp hồ sơ : 24/02/2021

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Project Officer's key responsibility:

• Contribute to project annual planning & reporting

• Support and coordinate activities related to international markets

- Identify international businesses and other partners to establish/strengthen export linkages of value chains

- Jointly with national teams, assess the feasibility for collaboration between international business and local companies, identify capacity gaps and develop work plans to enable such collaboration

- Identify relevant international trade fairs and, in collaboration with national teams, identify suitable companies to participate and ensure their participation. Organise one-to-one match-making

- Support national teams with the implementation of activities with regards to the export market (downstream part of value chain)

• Conduct assessments and identify opportunities and challenges in natural ingredient market systems

• Identify businesses to partner with in the development of such value chains

• Elaborate economically, ecologically and socially sustainable business models, following principles of BioTrade, in consultation with business partners and farmers

• Define intervention strategies necessary to achieve the envisaged business models, and prepare Memorandums of Understanding with business partners

• Facilitate market actors to develop the value chains. Link market actors, arrange or provide capacity development or support in other necessary manners, following your intervention strategies

• Lead and/or accompany and monitor closely the implementation of the interventions

• Collect and document information, knowledge, learning relevant for the improvement of the intervention strategy

• Contribute to the development of publications, learning material, documentaries etc.

• Actively share learning within your national team, the members of the Laos and Myanmar team as well as other interested groups, internally and externally

• Regularly update the progress of implementation of project activities to project manager and project partners.

• Work in line with the established cost norms, project procedures and controls.

• Prepare AS-FAR

• Perform other tasks as requested by the PM.

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